The British Museum: Shop & Art

I am dedicating this post to my friend Pati Cecim…

What encouraged me to visit this museum?

First of all, it was the collection of works of art but the architecture in the area and the surrounding environment were also influencing factors.

I am always impressed when watching people look at art – full of curiosity – discovering art and paintings through the eye of the artist…

However I must admit that one of my favourite things about visiting a museum is exploring the associated shops…


The Great Court in the British Museum

Grenville Room May 2012-150

Grenville Room May 2012-172

Yes I know, but is there any better activity after visiting a superb exhibition than being able to purchase a little replica, decorative objects, accessories, books or just a little souvenir from your visit?

For me, it’s like I can bring a little bit of the museum home with me.

Therefore, there is a genuine emotional connection… a little memory from a trip or visit… which allows you to remember the exact moment where and when you bought the item.









Meanwhile, I visited the British Museum once more.

I remember the number of hours I spend taking in the different shades of light which flood into the building through the immense glass roof.

The museum is extraordinary but the museum stores… are certainly fantastic!

In order to completely understand the universe of the museum store, I organised a meeting with Francesca Croney, purchasing and product development manager for the British Museum. It was a great encounter. Francesca explained how the products are selected, what are the best sellers, how they prepare their new collections and choose the products which accompany the temporary exhibition.


Meticulous and diverse works such as replica jewellery, vases, clothes, perfume bottles, sculptures and decorative objects are presented from various designers. Above all these works maintain a high quality level which compares to the distinction of the museum’s works of art.










The British Museum is currently presenting a truly astonishing exhibition: Shunga, Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art – you can find some unique products from Japan (one of my favourite countries) in the store – paintings, clothes, accessories, books, sculptures, beauty creams, jewellery as well as further curiosities… impossible to leave the store without a gift for yourself!


Domo Arigatou gozaimasu!




D31800 1

D31820 J39570 jacarte group


  • British Musuem
  • The British Museum
Great Russell Street
  • WC1B 3DG
  • +44 20 7323 8990

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