Shoes of Fashion Week

The shoes of Fashion Week

9 out of 10 people agree that shoes are the accessory that show most of someone’s personality from their look! And if there is a place where the shoes become the centre of attention (especially the lenses of photographers) is undoubtedly during Fashion Week.

The basics of a wardrobe # 1 JEANS Look 1

The basics of a wardrobe # 1 JEANS

Everyone knows that a good pair of jeans are the most flexible piece in our wardrobe. The perfect jeans are those that accompany us on every occasion … In reality we have thousands of options, but THE perfect jeans… are not as easy to find.


Design: A fantastic Saint Laurent store in Milan

I’m always was impressed when a designer surpasses their creativity in a universe of clothes design and is capable of extending their talent to other projects and ideas.

Travelling Chic BLOG Cover

Travel in style

Everyone’s accustomed to seeing celebrities with the perfect appearance… But when they’re required to travel on long haul flights, what items do these ‘professional travellers’ choose to maintain their ‘look’, keeping it both “glamorous & comfortable”?

Paris Fashion Wk pt2

Paris fashion Week – Celebrities

Fashion Week in Paris means – see and be seen….at any cost !

Ralph Lauren’s Restaurant

Paris Chic: Ralph Lauren’s Restaurant

If you are visiting Paris, I would like to give you a fantastic address of a really charming place to have tea, eat divine food or to be seduced by a bar that is “cosy” but super romantic and chic: “Ralph’s Restaurant”. I love this place! It’s on the ground of the Ralph Lauren store … Continue reading

Cover - Paris Fashion Wk pt1

Paris Fashion Week – The show before the show

During Paris Fashion Week, the arrival of the celebrities outside the grand venues is a show in itself! Just as exciting as waiting to see the actual fashion shows, is seeing what the celebrity guests are wearing! Many of these celebrities are already wearing clothes that will be presented at that show.

Paris Fashion Week SS15 Chanel

Paris Fashion Week SS15: Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld never ceases to amaze us and his sense of timing couldn’t be more perfect. On the same day that dozens of fashion editors were stuck in airports due to the recent Air France strikes, by total coincidence were immense demonstrations in Hong Kong also in Paris, where pharmacists, dentists, lawyers and notaries were … Continue reading

Paris Fashion Week SS 15 Manish Arora

Paris Fashion Week SS 15: Manish Arora

Back to Paris. My fashion week begins with the fashion show by Indian designer, Manish Arora. As always, the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week was in the air, in front of the “Palais de Tokyo” museum, which hosts several shows. Yes, Fashion Week in Paris is just so unreal with dozens of journalists, photographers … Continue reading

How to shop Tax Free

How to shop Tax Free!

Whenever my friends are planning their trips abroad they always ask me how to shop Tax Free! What is this super idea that allows tourists to reclaim the sales tax on purchases made during their trips to Europe? How does it work? How much time does it take? Well, firstly, it’s really worth your while … Continue reading


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